Attitude Breathing can help reduce stress

If you liked the Quick Coherence technique in the last post, here’s another one from the folks at HeartMath to help you shift your state.

In their book Transforming Stress, Heartmath founder Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman suggest a stress reduction technique called Attitude Breathing (link is to a pdf excerpt from the book). They describe the steps as follows:

  1. Focus on the heart as you breathe in (as you learned to do in the Quick Coherence technique). As you breathe out, focus on your solar plexus.
  2. Practice breathing in through the heart and out through the solar plexus for thirty seconds or longer to help anchor your energy and attention there. Next, select a positive feeling or attitude (try appreciation, for example) to breathe in through the heart and out through the solar plexus for another thirty seconds (or longer).
  3. Once you feel the appreciation, lock in the feeling of that positive attitude. Now, as you breathe, visualize building and storing the positive energy that the feeling of appreciation gives you. Practice breathing that appreciation for a few minutes.
  4. Select attitudes to breathe that will help offset the negative emotion or imbalance of the situation you are in. Breathe deeply, with the intent of shifting to the feeling of that attitude. You can breathe two attitudes, if you’d like. For example, you can breathe in an attitude of balance and breathe out an attitude of forgiveness, or you can breathe in an attitude of love and breathe out an attitude of compassion.


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